Listed below are some projects I've worked on. Some may be works in progress.

Some Development
The source code repository for NoIntegrity.Org's development projects. The repository collection is publicly available to anyone who wishes to download and work on their own derivatives.

Automating VirtualBox VM Startups
A brief paper describing how to automate VirtualBox deployments on CentOS/RHEL 6. An updated paper for Ubuntu and Systemd is in the works.

A small PHP command line script I wrote that takes NMap XML output and turns it into several small .cfg files so you can quickly deploy and manage Nagios 3 Core, especially if you have a LARGE network with a lot of hosts/servers. Should work on just about any Nagios 3 deployment. A Nagios 4 solution will be coming soon. The code currently lives on Github and I invite Nagios administrators who also do some PHP scripting to assist in its development.

The host and service files are all written separately for easy management - if a host no longer provides a service port, simply delete the particular service file for that specific host and restart Nagios so it won't monitor it anymore.

Local User Authentication for Nagios on Ubuntu Linux
How to quickly get local user authentication going in Nagios for Apache 2.

Build Standard Install Lists for Base Linux
A method to use lists in order to quickly install packages from a software repository in Linux. This example uses PHP and CentOS 6.

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